Preventive Dentistry For Your Young One

Ignoring the need for preventive dentistry in a child can result in costly and painful health retribution in future. Right from the time a child grows his first tooth, it is important to schedule frequent visits to a dentist Greenslopes has if living in this area to be sure that his teeth and gums are as healthy as can be.

Why should preventive dentistry in children be taken as a priority?

 The healthier the teeth and gums of your young ones, the higher the chances that they will enjoy good overall health. Poor oral health can be the cause of apathy during eating which can result in nutritional deficiencies.

At the same time, unhealthy teeth and gums may compromise the concentration of your young one at school and result in poor performance. Moreover, since image is a huge factor in the self-esteem of a child, teeth decay can cause low self-confidence, thereby inhibiting his socialisation skills.

A professional paediatric dentist in Greenslopes can detect oral problems in children early enough and prescribe effective treatments.

What should you expect from your baby’s first preventive dentistry appointment?

After you find dentist Greenslopes has for you with a prolific paediatric experience, you would definitely wonder what checks he will perform on your little one.

The first thing that most dentists will do is a thorough oral examination to find out the condition of your baby’s teeth and gums. The dentist Greenslopes professional will no doubt assess the risk that your child might have for developing cavities.

Depending on the results the dentist finds, he might prescribe a treatment formula. However, regardless of the diagnosis of disease, he will devise a personalised, preventive homecare approach for your young one. The instructions that he may include in the homecare formula are diet, flossing as well as brushing. The dentist might throw in a bit of fluoride recommendations.

With such guidance, you will give your child the benefit of introducing him early to a life of good dental care habits.

When should a baby go for his first preventive dentistry appointment?

Ideally as has been stated above, you need to take your child to a Greenslopes dentist for the first appointment when the first tooth grows. Even at this stage, cleaning of that single tooth plus baby’s gums is important. Be sure not to delay the first visit by more than one year after the first tooth erupts.

What other paediatric preventive dentistry services are offered other than the ones mentioned above?

The dentist usually carries out an evaluation of dental growth and development which involves guidance in the wake of erupting teeth. Sealants, instruction on proper oral habits as well as prevention of common dental injuries in children are also some popularly offered services.

Coorparoo Smile Dental offers a tranquil and safe environment for the provision of dental services in Queensland. With the aim of helping your baby feel at ease during those dreaded dentist visits, you can be sure that your young one will be inspired to adopt good oral care habits.

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Post Author: Fiona Goodwin